It’s easy to enter, and you’ll be “set for life” with the best of reading skills!

What means more to a student than to be appreciated and applauded for reaching a significant goal?  That is why the Taylor Elementary Million Word Reader Prize Patrol was formed eight years ago.  When a student reaches one million words as recorded in Accelerated Reader, it is time to celebrate! The Prize Patrol travels to their classroom with bells, noisemakers, pop art signs, shouts of praise and prizes!

Taylor MWR Prize PatrolPrize Patrol student leaders photograph each occasion and organize a group of cheering students, made up of current Million Word Readers, to deliver a $1,000,000 Chocolate Bar and certificates of accomplishment. Parents join in the fun to honor their child at this exciting celebration. Student leaders make the announcements and encourage the class to join with the crew to honor these readers. New honorees join the gang to honor the next Million Word Reader.

Trojan students are encouraged with other awards all along to the way toward a million words. At other events, such as lunch with Mrs. Burton when students reach half-a-million words, they are inspired to keep reading and watching for the actual winning moment to come their way!

Who knows who will be the next winner that is surprised by the Million Word Reader Prize Patrol?