Ward Wildcats recently had the opportunity to put aside those remote controls and video games and enjoy an old-fashioned family game night! On Feb. 2, parents took the time to hunker down with their kids, put away their cell phones and enjoy some quality time with their families and friends.

With the lingering cold weather, many families are looking for ways to bond together, and GameWright helped to make that happen at Ward. The Ward PTO utilized GameWright, which let them borrow unique and educational board and card games for the evening. Later, the games were available for purchase, with the PTO keeping 50 percent of the profit – a true win-win!

Families also enjoyed food from a local food truck and delicious Girl Scout cookies for dessert, provided by Ward’s own Girl Scout troop.

After the success of game night, the Ward PTO and faculty and planning several more family nights this spring, including family reading night, family art showcase and a family movie night.