Martinez Pals ClassThe PALS class at Martinez Elementary is the best in town! Not only do the students learn all their academics, but they are also in charge of our Recycling program on campus. No job is too big or too small for our kiddos.

Mrs. Booth, along with her assistants, Mrs. Reed, Mrs. Parvin and Mr. Hatcher, not only have a wonderful classroom but also a family atmosphere.  When you walk into the PALS classroom, everyone is together and helping each other with all tasks.

The students have joined our kindergarten students with two keyhole gardens. The students plant, water and maintain the gardens throughout the year. Towards the end of the year, they will be able to harvest what they planted and taste the fruit of their labor.

During the Leukemia/Lymphoma campaign, the PALS class single handedly raised over $250 and won the title of “The Class Who Raised the Most Money.” They displayed genuine care and compassion for each other and everyone on this campus during the fundraiser as well as every day!

The PALS students at Martinez Elementary do not let obstacles stop them one bit or damper their spirits. They do not see what they do not have, but focus on all that they do have!