Reagan Elementary makes sure each child is known through a culture of celebration.

From the moment students step foot on campus, they are greeted with music pulsing through the air as they greet staff with high fives and hugs before the school day begins. A portable Bluetooth speaker provides just the medicine each child needs in the morning to elicit a smile and start the day off on the right foot.

At Reagan, the culture of celebration doesn’t stop there. This year, positive office referrals have been implemented to celebrate the great leadership across the campus. Any staff on campus can award a child with a positive office referral when a student exhibits exemplary leadership skills. Students then have the opportunity to come to the office for a positive phone call home, a sweet treat and later get to hear their name announced on the morning announcements. Students beam with joy as their parents express how proud they are of them for being leaders on campus.

To top it all off, students get to celebrate each other when attendance goals are met. Students know the importance of being at school to learn and get to hold each other accountable. This year, attendance rewards have been not only rewarded to individual students who work hard to be present but also classes that achieve days of perfect attendance for their entire class. Students have gotten to participate in a Victory Run, where they get a chance to run through campus as their peers cheer them on, and Jersey day, a day where all students in the class get to wear a special Reagan Ranger jersey that signifies 30 days of perfect class attendance.

Come celebrate the good times at Reagan Elementary!