This year at Taylor, we had a “7 Habits Boot Camp” because we wanted the habits at school and at home.

The way it worked is, in class on Monday, we had a lesson and practiced  whichever habit we were studying. Teachers then sent home an activity home sheet for the students and their parents to do together. When they finished the activity, a parent had to sign the coupon and send it back to school with their child by Friday.

Every week was a new habit with a new activity sheet. With all the coupons, we spelled out “LEADERS” for every habit. If a student brought back every coupon, the student and their family would be awarded as a “Lighthouse Family” and have their picture on the billboard by the office.

This year, we really enjoyed the “7 Habits Boot Camp” because the students and parents worked together to gain knowledge of the 7 Habits. We are excited to enjoy it for years to come!